Feb 24, 2022

Escalation of the situation in Ukraine

G5 Entertainment is following the escalation in Ukraine closely; we currently have no reports of our staff being involved in any hostilities. We recommend our employees to follow the advice of the Ukrainian president to shelter at home and not relocate at this point. We have some employees that have relocated earlier whilst the majority remains in their hometowns. At this point we have given the Ukrainian employees two days off so that they can look after themselves and their family and friends.

We remain committed to our employees wherever they are situated and are doing our best to support them through the immediate situation and will evaluate ongoingly which measures are best suited to support them going forward.

G5 Entertainment is a global gaming company with employees in multiple locations. The company‚Äôs games are run from servers that are based outside the areas involved in the conflict and distributed globally. Short term our operations will not be impacted in any significant way, and we are at this point focusing on supporting our employees.  

For additional information, please contact:

Vlad Suglobov, CEO, investor@g5e.com

Stefan Wikstrand, CFO, +46 76 00 11 115