Board of Directors 

The board of G5 is responsible for the organization of the Company and for supervising the management of its business and affairs. In fulfilling its duties, the board oversees the Company’s strategic planning, its operations and the risks it is facing. The board is also responsible for implementing policies and systems aimed at increasing accountability, ensuring compliance with laws and with auditing and accounting principles and ensuring respect of the business conduct standards in all countries in which the Company operates as well as ensuring the integrity of the Company's internal controls, information and financial management systems. The board further oversees the Company's approach to corporate governance, environmental issues and sustainable development and material transactions outside the ordinary course of business. Members of the board are elected annually by the annual general meeting after nomination by the nomination committee.

According to the Articles of Association of the Company, the board of directors shall consist of not less than three and not more than ten members with a maximum of five deputy board members. The Company’s board today consists of six members without deputy members. The board member Vladislav Suglobov is also the CEO of the Company and can therefore not be considered to be independent in relation to the Company and the management of the Company according to the Code. The board member Jeffery Rose is also legal advisor to the Company and receives compensation for the advice and services provided and can therefore not be considered as independent in relation to the Company. The remaining board members are independent in relation to the Company, the management of the Company and the major shareholders of the Company. The board of directors has adopted written rules of procedures governing its work and the rules are determined annually.

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Compensation Committee

The compensation committee’s main tasks are to prepare the board’s decisions on issues concerning principles for compensations and other terms of employment for G5's CEO and other executives, monitor and evaluate programs for variable compensation, both ongoing and those that have ended during the year, for the executive management, and monitor and evaluate the application of the guidelines for compensation that the annual general meeting is legally obliged to establish, as well as the current compensation structures and levels in the Company.

  • Marcus Segal, Chairman
  • Petter Nylander

Audit Committee

The audit committee’s main tasks are to monitor the Company’s financial reporting, and in respect of the financial reporting, monitor the efficiency of the Company’s internal controls, internal audits and risk management, keep itself informed regarding audit of the annual report and group accounts, review and monitor the impartiality and independence of the auditor, and assists in conjunction with preparation of proposals to the general meeting’s resolution regarding election of auditors and compensation to the auditors.

The audit committee and the board regularly receive presentations from the Company’s auditor, which ensures that the Company's internal and external reports fulfill the requirements of a company whose shares are listed on a regulated market.

  • Sara Börsvik, Chairwoman
  • Petter Nylander
  • Johanna Fagrell Köhler